05 January 2011

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I've made again the Digital Christmas card for the Municipal Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, Arts Santa Mònica. It is a very simple animated gif made in collaboration with Conteleta.

In front of the museum, all the artists and thinkers who have participated this 2010 parading along the ramp:

Joan Salvat-Papasseit, Mestres Quadreny, Luc Steels and aibo, Miquel Barceló, Loop Festival, Jordi Bernadó, Guy Selz, Humberto Ribas, Novarina, Albert Serra, Estudio Emiliana, Pere Castells, Ferran Adrià, Slavoj Zizek, Wolf Vostell, Jordi Valls, Vicenç Altaió, Mireya Masó, Pat Andrea, Usman Haque.

Happy new year!

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Ana Himes said...

Always Amazing!!!
Loving you Pisu